Modento plans and pricing

More for less. No contract.


$ 149 / month
$ 99 / month
+$199 one-time installation
  • Appointment Reminders
  • New Appointment Notifications
  • Confirming Appointments
  • Post-appointment Surveys
  • Direct (2-way) Communication
  • Office Management Dashboard


$ 299 / month
$ 249 / month
+$499 one-time installation
Everything from COMMUNICATE plus:
  • Customizable Digital Forms
  • OnSite Forms with Kiosk
  • Online Reviews
  • Mobile App
  • Loyalty Program
  • Smart Referrals
  • Flexible Patient Reminders
  • Check-in & Welcome Message
  • Email Marketing
  • Payment Collections
  • Insurance Verification Beta

Plans Include


+$1 / 1,000 extra
+$2 / 100 extra
Customer Support
User Training

30 day money back guarantee!


Frequently asked questions

Worried about implementing a change? We got this figured out.

1. How do I get started?

Simply let us know about your interest. We will answer any of your questions, show you an interactive demo, and if you are ready to proceed, will schedule a trial installation at your Office.

2. How does the installation process look like?

You can read about our installation process here. The integration process is fast and it does not disrupt any of your existing services.

3. Do you have long-term contracts?

No. We operate on a month-to-month basis and you are free to cancel whenever you want, without additional fees. We believe our product can defend itself.

4. Do I need to switch off all of my existing patient communication systems?

No, we are very flexible and we can guide you through the migration process. Once you feel comfortable with our Office Dashboard, we do a smooth transition to our system.

5. Why I need to pay installation fee?

We do not require any long-term commitment from you while we put a lot of effort to set up and customize Modento to your specific needs. We personalize Modento app, digital forms, loyalty program, and other services to match your needs. Moreover, in the Engage plan, you will get a tablet to allow filling the digital forms in your office.

6. Can I get a free trial first?

You can cancel our service within the first 30 days after the installation if you are not happy with our product and all costs will be returned. We can also set up an installation with limited functionality for your office - this will help you and your team decide if you like our product.

7. Do I need to pay for emails and texts?

All plans include a significant amount of emails and texts per month that will be enough for most of the Practices. However, for very big practices that mass-communicate with their patients often, additional fees may apply according to our pricing table.

8. Can I use my tablets for OnSite digital forms?

Yes, however, we will need to set them up for you.