Installation and Setup

Our technology combined with our vast knowledge of the dental space gives you an unparalleled solution for your practice.

We want to be sure you use it to maximum extent.

First things first! We treat HIPAA-compliance very seriously and we can't even touch your software systems unless we sign a Business Associate Agreement.
Don't worry - we have a convenient online version of it.
5 minutes
Adding Modento to your practice is simple and seamless. Modento integrates with your existing Practice Management Software and uses the Internet to build real‑time communications with your patients.
10 minutes
Modento also allows your office to customize the technology to the character and culture of your office. You can introduce the team, give details about the office and apply personal touches that make your practice feel like home for the patient. This is true for the loyalty program as well - you can set the levels and rewards that makes sense for your office.
1 hour
We offer detailed training to make sure your entire staff understands how to fully benefit from Modento solutions. We will offer suggestions on tools and services you may use, but you choose what’s best for your practice.
1 hour
Let your patients know about Modento app and how quick, easy and rewarding your relationship can be. The Modento mobile app is available for the iPhone and Android devices and can be installed via link you may send easily to all of your patients.
1 minute
Watch your key metrics grow as your patients start to interact with you more effectively, pay their dues, leave online reviews, arrive on-time for their appointments and more!