Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The app is completely HIPAA-compliant. The app itself requires a personalized sign in, so security is (literally) within the patient’s hands. Payments are secure, and the communication of patient information is encrypted and password protected, and most likely more secure and HIPAA compliant than the system you have now.

We are completely compatible with the most used systems: Dentrix, OpenDental and Eaglesoft. We are also actively developing integrations for other popular systems.

We are completely compatible with Android and iOS phones. We currently do not support Windows Phone devices.

Forms through the app are extremely fast and easy. They simply “click through” the questions with yes or no with an option to elaborate on answers if they choose. Once the questions are all answered, a PDF is created and AUTOMATICALLY uploaded into the document center in the correct folders. Again, no more middlemen time wasted for the admin team. In the case of information needed in the “family file,” once the patient has answered this in the app, it will automatically inputted into the family file. They will subsequently be asked to verify the information is correct prior to their dental visits - eliminating misunderstandings or lost communication due to outdated information.

Simply put; a reward system. For staying in touch, participating in quizzes, or answering social media posts, the patients will earn rewards points that can be traded for products or services your office deems appropriate. Flash sales, quick grab appointments or services, and a marketplace for their dental supplies will help meet the needs of the patients on their schedule. Patients will have fast and easy anytime access to their treatment and payment history, as well as their outstanding treatment needs.

Most importantly, although the app does appointment reminders, it is much larger picture than this- which is just a small fraction of the capabilities of the app. Our app also has a “two-way” communication system. Not only does it send the information of the appointment to the patient as a “reminder”, it reads the patient's response and updates the status automatically in Practice Management Software. No more middlemen time wasted for the front office.