Category: Dental Communication

Communication During Coronavirus

The new Coronavirus (COVID-19) is putting immense pressure on healthcare systems around the world. With this rapidly evolving situation, it’s important to understand how this will impact your practice — and how you can keep operations afloat and continue to deliver great care. Here are some examples of how...
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Don’t Drop the Ball, Drop a Voicemail Message Instead

What is a Voicemail Drop? At its simplest, voicemail dropping is literally ‘dropping’ a pre-recorded message into someone’s voicemail inbox. Their phone doesn’t ring, but they do get a notification that they have a new message. Why Use It? It’s effective. While it’s easy to ignore or decline a...
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Paper Patient Registration is hindering your practice

Paper Patient Registration is hindering your practice – Modento is the solution You as a dental professional know first hand at how boggling patient registration can be. First they arrive late, then have to complete medical history forms, HIPAA, financial policies, etc. This process can take upwards of 30...
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