Paper Patient Registration is hindering your practice

Paper Patient Registration is hindering your practice – Modento is the solution

You as a dental professional know first hand at how boggling patient registration can be. First they arrive late, then have to complete medical history forms, HIPAA, financial policies, etc. This process can take upwards of 30 minutes by the time your front office personnel has input the information and the patient can finally be taken back in the clinical area. And yes, you are now behind for the next few appointments.

Even dental practices that have implemented digital technology, still have a gap of physical paperwork. Typically if you are a totally digitized, you greet your patient with paper forms, then those are input by the front desk, and afterwards they are scanned into the software where they finally become a PDF and the paper is shredded.

There has to be another solution. One that can rid the hassle of paper while saving resources and a system that can offer incentives for the patient to arrive on time, plus the convenience of removing the daunting task of paper forms.


Modento is a software that is designed to bridge this exact gap with dentistry in mind. It is an app based patient communication and first to market loyalty program for patients, that implements electronic forms all while being secure.

Not only does the patient benefit from the convenience, you do too! This changes the way that marketing will affect your business. Not to mention, there’s a communications portal, options for mobile & web payments, and the ability to leave reviews instantly.

Modento gives you and your staff their time to provide optimal patient care, rather than spinning their wheels with confirming appointments and processing paperwork.

The Modento app is literally taking out the middleman and increasing your value and uniqueness. How?

Your patients are spending less time in the waiting room and more time with their provider. They are able to communicate from anywhere, can get instant access without hassle, and earn rewards in the process. Five star reviews have never been easier to collect!

Implement instant contact with your practice with Modento, your patients will thank you.