Is a Review the Key to Patient Loyalty?

There are two types of people, the ones who leave reviews and the ones who don’t! We know that most of the time reviews are either due to excellence or pure dissatisfaction. But what about all of the ones in between?

If you offer just an “average” experience, patients are not as compelled to leave a review. Or maybe they do not want to take the extra effort of tracking you down on Google or social media in order to leave one. Once a patient has left your office, they aren’t going to think about you again until their next appointment, or dental emergency! Do you want to wait that long to get a review?

Do you have an automated process that sends out a customer satisfaction survey or the ability for patients to make one click to leave a review? If you don’t you are MISSING out!

Reviews are the rage these days. With technology literally at our fingertips 90 percent of the time, people are browsing for the best dentists and are seeking out online reviews to determine this.

From a marketing perspective, gaining positive reviews and satisfaction surveys should be one of your #1 marketing goals. This will help draw in new patients and aid with patient retention.

Just to give you an idea of how many people look at the reviews before choosing a provider, 77% of patients say that they use online reviews when looking for a new dental/healthcare professional. WOW. Almost three fourths of the patient population is banking on the opinion of your fellow patients.

Don’t you want to stand out? You will not get validation from those mediocre visits. They need to be excellent and memorable. What exactly could you, as a dental professional implement in your office that is cutting edge? Modento.

Modento is a loyalty based app designed especially for dentistry. Patients are rewarded with incentives for simply making your life easier. Maybe they completed their paperwork electronically through the app, they get rewarded. They also arrived on time and paid their outstanding balance prior to arrival, more rewards.

See how this program could offer your office a whole new experience that is passed on to the patient? But the patient is not the only one who will benefit, your office staff will too!

Having everything set up electronically allows your staff to be more patient oriented versus paperwork oriented. Appointments run smoother, wait times are shortened, and everyone is happy!

In the end turn, you will now turn those mediocre patient attitudes into 5 star reviews to really place your business in a whole other bracket when it comes to patient satisfaction and loyalty.