A More Effective Approach to Patient Payment Reminders and Financial Responsibility

Today’s world is full of hustle, bustle, and rising dental costs. Patients can quickly forget that they may owe a portion from their visit, shortly after leaving the office. With premiums and deductibles constantly on the rise, higher balances are being pushed to the patient’s account. Many times they are unsure of what their insurance actually covers due to it being a new plan or just the unfamiliarity of insurance in general.

Costs are not the only things that are increasing, but also the patient’s responsibility to pay. It would be in your best interest to have a plan in place for automation when it comes to payments and billing. While daily life gets busy, people also move so they may not be receiving your paper notices. This may also lead to cancellations if your office has a financial policy in place that’s relative to clearing outstanding balances prior to their next visits.

Having an electronic system for billing and collections makes it very convenient for the patient to see their real time balance, plan ahead when budgeting, and also the ease of receiving payments without the hassle of making phone calls and sending out notices.

Not only should there be an electronic payment portal, but also an automated reminder system. Honestly, some people may just forget to pay their bill, while others try to intentionally avoid them. Having a surprise balance when they walk in for their next visit is a great way to make patients angry, but if they are set up for reminders they are more likely to pay immediately when they get the message.

Payment plans are another great way to provide care to those who need it, but financially cannot pay upfront. Collecting payment ahead of time or while the patient is in the office is always the best practice, but there are circumstances when that is not feasible. Instead of having the front desk reviewing monthly reports for accounts receivable, the patient would always be up to date and more likely to stay in good standing if there was a more convenient method. Payment plans with automatic drafts, electronic reminders, and a personalized portal offers them a unique experience, with increased likelihood of returning along with referring your office to friends and family.

The Modento App handles every aspect from appointment and collection reminders, to a personalized portal with tailored communication, payment options, and incentives for patients. Gain their loyalty by offering them a unique experience and increase engagement including 5 star reviews, mean while your staff can focus on patient care and the face to face interaction in the office.